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About Us


From a young age has always had a creative side (she used to create tomato ketchup sandwiches!). A bit like Nelly she likes the soft cuddly side of things and has a rapport with dogs (some say she can actually understand what they say?) Sally is the main girl in the think tank part of this operation, though she occasionally is caught munching on the odd dog biscuit.  Dissatisfied with what is currently available for dog lovers, Sally seeks to provide dogs and their owner’s new gift Ideas.


Artisan decorator extraordinaire- when not flying round the country in her van revamping interiors and creating murals, Suzy can also be found working wonders with furniture- want a picture of your dog on it. No Problemo. 

Known for her painting skills all over the UK, Suzy works with flair and speed. Occasionally partial to red wine.


Nelly’s role is a bit less paws on than the rest of the crew, but none less valid. Yes she likes cuddles; yes she is chief cosy things tester and occasional clothes wearer. 

She would also like you to think she is the face of the company.


The yellow peril is the one to watch, whatever you are trying to chow down on, her stealthy skills will leave you hungry. In that sense she was prize candidate to be chief biscuit tester.

Bobbie’s wide experience of eating others food has given her a highly refined palette, and a liking for salmon and potato biscuits

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